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Milky Way & Meteor
There I was at Point Clark, Ontario on the edge of Lake Huron with a friend, innocently taking a time lapse sequence of the gorgeous night sky. Just a few frames from the end of my 150-frame sequence, probably the brightest meteor I have seen in recent years streaked across the sky.

Since I was shooting 20-second exposures at ISO 3200, there was plenty of opportunity for the meteor's short life span to be captured. I was just lucky, however, that it didn't perform its burnout while my camera was taking a 5-second breather between shots. My intent that night was to capture the elusive Milky Way. Not only did I get the best shots ever of the MW and its bright core, but to capture it and a meteor in one shot?....Serendipity.

Tick that box on my bucket list.
Capturing a Falling Star
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