Originally schooled as an engineer, Gordon Wood has built a considerable collection of stock images that have appeared in books, magazines and travel guides. Now, the cream of his collection is made available online and by consultation as beautiful prints through the FILMScapes website. While starting out with 35mm film, then progressing to medium format film, he now shoots mainly with digital cameras as well as large format (4”x5”) film. All film-based images have been meticulously scanned so that prints can be made by high resolution inkjet printers (giclée). Avatar2 His images are largely influenced by nature and travel, and in particular, the details they present. In his fine art images, strong human presence is rare. The solitude provided by this approach helps the viewer to escape the people-dominated aspects of everyday life for awhile. The digital domain provides the artist with many tools for image manipulation, sometimes masking the original image beyond recognition. Gordon’s approach is to apply these tools only to the extent necessary to make an image compelling - no more, no less as explained in this video.