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The FILMScapes Photography Galleries

If you cannot make it to a southwestern Ontario gallery that carries my prints, you can purchase online through Fine Art America (FAA). This is the best way to provide you with prints of my images online because FAA:

  • has proven to me that they are fast and provide high quality, colour-matched images.
  • provides product at very competitive pricing. (But keep in mind that shipping is extra)
  • provides a wide range of framing options, or you can order an unmounted print and frame it locally.
  • offers a guarantee that extends to 30 days, for any reason.

You can view by Gallery with the links, or simply browse all images below. A secure shopping cart is also provided, if you decide to purchase. You can also visit to see a larger preview and a background on each image before you buy prints or greeting cards of these images. Here is a quick outline of what you’ll find in each Gallery:

Altered States - It could be argued that even a chimpanzee armed with Photoshop® can turn out works of art from simple photographs. I like to think that the images on this page reflect a bit more skill than monkeyshines, but nevertheless, I’ve definitely taken liberties with reality.

In some cases, I’ve taken a black and white image and coloured it. Others involve combining normal, under and over-exposed images from the same scene to get a surrealistic effect. Some may be layered multiple images from disparate sources. Yet others started out as perfectly normal photographs now modified with intense colour, exposure extremes or a heavier-than-usual hand in the paint effect department.

However you view them, these images veer off course a little. Hence the moniker “Altered States”.

Black and White Groupings - Square Format - Designed to be printed mainly in small sizes, these are intended to be displayed in groups, such as 3 across by 3 down, but are excellent as standalone individual pieces.

Colour - Thanks to the availability of wide-carriage digital inkjet printers, images as large as life can now be printed in brilliant colour on artist’s canvas or archival paper. To take advantage of that, I am pleased to offer beautiful prints, many with ‘painterly’ effects applied to the original photographs.

Monochrome - So what’s the difference between black & white and monochrome? Not much, except monochrome extends the boundary from just shades of neutral grey to shades of a single colour (like sepia toning). In this category, I have included both, and offer them in large format and in their original aspect ratio (ie. not cropped square as with the Black and White Groupings).

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